Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Photo...Only a Sweet Memory

Denise Reynolds:

Last night as I was upstairs working on yesterday's post about Mr. R and Sarah's safari in Zambia, the sweetest noise was drifting up from the kitchen. Hope (age 12) and Eliana (age 10) decided to make sugar cookies. I could hear them giggle their way through the preparation of the dough and the baking of the one batch of 12 cookies that all their effort yielded.

I was concentrating so hard on posting photos of cheetahs and giraffes and zebras and wildebeest that I didn't hear the precious young bakers enter my bedroom. A stifled giggle from the duo broke my concentration. I then turned to look at my two youngest daughters. They stood hand-in-hand holding a plate of decorated Christmas cookies wearing enormous grins. They giggled again and broke into "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." The cookie elves offered me one of their dozen treasures and then slipped out of my room. As I went back to work on my computer, I heard the faint sounds of them going from room to room where their older siblings were doing high school or college studying. At each stop, the girls sang their course and delivered a Christmas cookie to a brother or sister. Ahhh...the friendship of these two former orphans who are now sisters is such a sweet gift from our good God!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet story! So wonderful when siblings are best friends. Hopefully more news about Lissie and the lovely grandchild soon?