Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sarah's Homecoming from Zambia

Last night our wait for Sarah's return had a small taste of drama to it. A powerful line of thunderstorms built on an extended diagonal between Kansas and northern Minnesota. Sarah's last leg in a long journey home was delayed repeatedly. Eventually, though we got word that her plane was in the air so we headed to the airport, eager to see Sarah.

Everyone was tired by this time, as Sarah's delayed arrival was rescheduled for 11:30 pm. All of our bodies ached to be home in bed. However, none of us would even think of missing the arrival of our beloved Sarah! Meanwhile, an airline employee who recognized our extra-large family informed us that because the thunderstorm line was so long, the plane took an unusual path. It flew up into Canadian airspace and then back down into the U.S. on the other side of the cold front.

Three long-time family friends from our church had come to greet Sarah despite the late hour. So while we waited, I took the opportunity to get a group shot.

And then, finally, passengers were exiting the gate area, and we eagerly watched for Sarah. When she emerged, her daddy got the first hug.

After that the hugs took place in such rapid succession that I didn't even manage to get photos of Sarah's interactions with each of her siblings.

But I assure you that each embrace was joy-filled!

Another passenger offered to take a group photo. With Sarah's return to the U.S., we couldn't resist using the flag as the back drop for the picture.

Then the hugs started all over again!

Older brother John grabbed Sarah's bag and we took a tired but very happy family home. Sarah, the former orphan, had cared for orphans for nearly half a year and was now home wrapped in the love of her family. God abounds in lovingkindness!

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