Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sarah's Already Back in the Kitchen!

Yesterday, flour was flying in our kitchen. Despite jet lag and malaria following her five months in Zambia, Sarah has returned to one of her favorite pastimes: baking. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the project which Sarah undertook energized our tired international traveler.

Within the walls of the Kazembe Orphanage, the director, Amy, tutored Sarah in the art of crafting doughnuts.

Although we don't normally deep fat fry around here, the oil was at a rapid boil on our stove yesterday as Sarah dropped in one after another of the round treats.

She had been taught just when to turn the doughnuts...

...and just when to remove them from the pan.

As Sarah busied herself, our two dogs, Sunshine (front) and Bella, kept a hopeful watch from the edge of the kitchen. I'm not sure, but perhaps they hoped that since the doughnuts were so light and fluffy, one or ~ even better two ~ would come floating toward them.

Once Sarah had finished the doughnuts, twists and doughnut holes...

...she prepared to glaze her creations.

I watched amazed that my beloved daughter had learned this intricate baking process in the African bush. Who would have guessed the blessings the Lord had in store for Sarah as she departed America for Zambia?

Sarah has loved to bake since she was about 13. 

Her love of baking and decorating cakes led to her making the wedding cake for Anna, her oldest sister. (If you take a look at the link, we used to identify Sarah as Cassandra on this blog.)

She then repeated the feat for the wedding of her second oldest sister, Alison.

Before leaving for Africa, Sarah had begun building a baking business.

Even while she in Zambia, Sarah received an email asking her to make cupcakes for the wedding of a dear friend who is getting married late this summer. 

When Sarah's work was finished late yesterday, dozens and dozens of doughnuts stood ready for our church's Easter brunch this morning.

In all honesty, I think I'm glad the delicious doughnuts had a designated destination. Otherwise, I might have been tempted to stuff the circular delicacies in my mouth one after another. What a multi-faceted joy it is that Sarah's home! God abounds in lovingkindness!


K Fox said...

The doughnuts look wonderful! And Sarah does, too! Welcome home. Sarah.

Emily said...

Is the recipe a secret?? *hint*hint* ;)

Denise said...

Grammy Kathy, I'll be sure to pass on your love to Sarah! Thank you for commenting! I love you! Denise

Excelsior said...

Sarah looks like an excellent baker. She has some talent!

Shiloh said...

Wow, those look wonderful! :)