Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hats knit with love

Recently we received two large boxes from a knitting club in Colorado. Our grandparents are friends with some of the knitters and had mentioned our newest adoption to them. Their response was one of eager, self-sacrificing love. The group asked if they could knit hats for us to take as a donation to our new siblings' orphanage. The combination of their skill, love, and generosity resulted in over 150 beautiful handmade hats.

Cassandra, ready to open the boxes.

Tatiana watching the unveiling process.

Behold, the hats!

It must be admitted, we had some fun looking through the boxes.

The hats came in so many colors--bright and happy colors that will warm and cheer many little ones through the long bleak days of winter.

Tatiana, the actress of the family, paraded around the room announcing to all (in her best French accent) that she was a candelabra.

Poochita wanted to join in the fun....

We thought she looked rather like a Dr. Suess character in the adorable blue and purple stocking cap, but Poochita was not amused.

Even Princess Bink's beloved stuffed pig modeled for the camera. The variety in the hats was amazing! There were striped hats, solid hats and speckled hats. Some had ear flaps; others, a pom-pom at the top or a tiny flower at the base. Rib stitch, seed stitch, and stockinette stitch added individuality to the caps. The thought and love that went into each hat was unmistakeable.

We are grateful for friends like these knitters, who not only support us in our journey of adoption , but join us in our mission to care for the needy. Thank you, knitters!


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