Tuesday, June 1, 2010


All day long the kids watched eagerly for the UPS truck...

... looking for their 2010 Bible Bee study materials. Today was Day 1 of the 2010 competition, with local competitions taking place all over the country on August 28.

What an amazing box those materials arrived in! Speedy informed us one box weighed 28 lbs and the other 7 lbs - heavy material in many ways!

Princess Bink exemplified the excitement felt by all the kids as they discovered the treasures in those boxes!

Eight of the kids from the twins down to Princess Bink will participate this year! Tessa is too old but wishes she could. She will help Mr. and Mrs. Beaver coach and encourage the others.

Joe and Lissie immediately began investigating this year's materials...

as they had participated last year and qualified for the national finals in Washington, D.C. Joe went on to qualify as a semi-finalist at that competition.

Joe and Lissie's enthusiasm throughout the 2009 competition infected the other kids. They are enthused even though they know by having watched Joe and Lissie last year that they have hard work ahead. The youngest will memorize 21 verses per week; the middle kids 42 verses per week; the oldest 68 verses per week!

T-shirts and Bibles were an unexpected bonus in this year's materials!

The t-shirts were donned even before the boxes were completely unpacked.

They even had a t-shirt small enough for 38-pound Princess Bink!

Our children's enthusiasm for this summer's Bible memory program thrills us and is closely tied to our identity as an adoptive family. We believe scripture memorization has contributed to the intellectual development and emotional healing of our adopted children. Both times we've adopted the trios of siblings, we have started them memorizing scripture even before we left Russia.

~ Mr. and Mrs. Beaver


the johnson crew said...

that is very cool. what a challenge.

i totally agree that God uses Scripture to renew our minds. And how beautiful to see how God has healed and comforted your children. I find so much hope in that.

When i read this post last night I was challenged to be more purposeful in having my kids memorize scripture over the summer. we started working on this morning.

God bless you and your sweet family. we are praying for your children still in russia.

Andrew said...

That IS cool.
It is such a blessing that you all have been given such an opportunity as this.
I will be praying for you all, and I hope at least one of you wins (more is better).