Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great news -- Jaynie's Arrived!

Mrs. Beaver:

With deep gratitude to the Lord, we share the news that Jaynie has arrived back at her "other home". We're so pleased to report that all went well on 96-hour journey for Jaynie and the family with whom she traveled. Thank you for your prayers! We've already been able to talk to her on the phone and Skype with her.

Just before we arrived at the Omaha Airport on Tuesday, Jaynie requested we listen to Matt Maher's song, "Christ is Risen." The song is a family favorite, really that's too weak. The song is more of a theme for our family.

After Jaynie requested the song once and we all sang along heartily, she requested it again...and again.
Then Jaynie quietly said, "That's why I'm going back." I looked back to the seat behind me to see tears rolling down her checks. I squeezed her hand. No matter how hard the matter how much we all will miss each other, Jaynie went to live her faith.


EricaAnn said...

Wow! Thank you so much for posting that song, and Jaynie's story! the song is a beautiful reminder of our victory in Christ, while Jaynie's story is a living picture of that triumphant victory. Thank you! I'll be praying for all of you and especially Jaynie as she's away!

Jane said...

Thanks wonderful family. We will pray for you all. Our love always. Grandma and Aunt Jean

B-TRIBE said...

It's such a joy for me to hear that Jaynie is going back. The beauty of her story of adoption into your family and most importantly into Christ and now delighting in sharing the gospel encourages me more than you know. What a mighty God we serve! Also, I LOVE that song! I hope you all are well.
Lauren Batchelor