Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Kid's Dream Come True!

Mrs. Beaver:

After a nearly winter-less winter, northeastern Iowa finally got snow today. Many thankful children in our home, watched eagerly in the early afternoon as the white precipitation flew sideways.

I took these photos during the time each afternoon when I read aloud to our youngest four children.

I wasn't surprised to see Oksana's happy countenance as she watched the snow fall. If EVER there was a child who loves sledding, it is Oksana!

While his sisters watched the weather, Alexander was more interested in his Legos.

Although Alexander hadn't shown much interest in watching the snow, he was more than eager to play in it. By late afternoon, the wind had calmed enough for those who've waited all winter for snow play to go out.

Homeschoolers don't usually take snow days. While traditionally-schooled children get time off for weather, we just keep pluggin' away. But tomorrow I'm calling a snow day around here. What fell today is the wet, sticky kind of snow that is a kid's dream--perfect for fort building, snow angels, snowball fights and the crafting of snow men.

I better get the hot chocolate ready!


MacMeister said...

Though we don't have snow days, the nice thing about being homeschooled is that you can decide to take a half-day or a day off whenever you want! Even a non-snow day :-) Have fun out there Beaver tribe!

WhiteStone said...

Oh, definitely a snow day! And send those kids down here to shovel off our deck. (Actually, it's already done.) heh-heh

I have to admit, it's pretty out there this morning.

SamUEL Finch said...

At least SOMEONE has snow this winter!! I love the pictures that you post of siblings together! They're so sweet.