Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Snow Fun

Mrs. Beaver:

Although the snow storm was a few days ago already, I can't resist sharing a few more pictures from my impromptu shoot of Oksana (7), Alexander (12) and Amy (9).

That afternoon I hadn't planned on being able to get any photos of them playing out in the white stuff that's been so rare this winter. When they went outside, big, wet flakes were still falling, and I knew I couldn't risk getting the camera wet.

However, when I heard laughing and giggling from my bedroom, I peeked out the window to discover they were romping just below. I had the perfect perch to catch some of their silliness without putting the camera at risk. (I apologize for the graininess of these photos, but they were taken through heavily falling snow.)

And they were silly--what a variety of expressions and reactions I got to watch as the trio kindly posed for me!

I think here Alexander is reacting to Oksana throwing her very wet and cold glove around his neck. He's so good-natured, though, that he just grimaced a bit and carried on with his posing, smiling all the while!

Then, for some resaon Alexander decided it would be helpful if he leaned down. The only problem was that then both sisters followed suit.

About this time I realized the melting snow on the window frame was dripping on my lens. Needless to say, the shoot immediately ended, but not before three kids and their mom had shared some serious snowy silliness.

Recently, one of our friends commented that he enjoyed when I posted pictures of the siblings together. Isn't our God amazing that these three are just that--siblings? None of them is biologically related and yet they're family. Love is thicker than blood. God places the lonely in families. (Psalm 68:6) He is so good!

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