Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Evening at the Park

Mrs. Beaver:

With an unusually warm spring, we couldn't resist  a picnic on Saturday evening. Mr. Beaver was excited when we pulled into the parking lot and an ice cream man was seeing many of the Blue Bunny products of Mr. Beaver's company, Wells' Enterprises.

Mr. Beaver shouted, "Ice cream for dinner!" as he ran toward the truck. We simply cheered! We all enjoy being part of a family that enjoys doing things spontaniously.

Oksansa  helped delived the goodies.

The redwing black birds' migration appears to be complete. Here they make a pretty adornment to our Marshes and ponds. This bird kept a close eye on our picnic--perhaps a Blue Bunny fan?

After dinner the youngest girls found delight on the nearby playground equipment...

...while the older kids played football with dad. John and lissie were at a wedding in Michigan with some of their dear CollegePlus! friends

After relaxed play in the 80 degree weather, we decided to take our two mutts to the off-leash dog fenched dog acreage.

As we were leaving the picnic area, two little boys sitting on the curb looked up at me with wide eyes and said, "Are you taking pictures?" When I replied that I was, they flashed their most winning smiles for me. How could I resist their charm?

Once in the dog park, Sunshine ran for her life! She does not understand the concept of frolicing with other canninnes. This particular trip, two black-lab mix puppies were hot on Sunshine's trail. As a pair, they were able to corner our Mutt. What seemed to be perfectly gentle puppy play on their part had Sunshine's hackles standing sky high from nose to the tip of her tail.

Although Sunshine did not enjoy the fellowship available in the off-leash dog run, the rest of us sure enjoyed the long walk within the enclosure on such a God-glorifying evening.

Thanks to God's goodness we had an evening of fun, food, football and family fellowship.

Thank you, Lord, for more family bonding time!

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MacMeister said...

Yay for ice cream meals! It's a win-win for you too: it gives Wells more revenue and makes their stock go up :-)