Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Whole Year! Praise the Father of the Fatherless

Mrs. Beaver & Lissie:

Yesterday we celebrated the one year anniversary of "Peaches" becoming part of the Nordstrom family. It's amazing how far God has brought that little girl in one year!

When we arrived at their house, Peaches was navigating the driveway and yard on a bike.

Her proud parents told us that just this week she taught herself how to ride a bike without training wheels.

She also lost her first two teeth within the past week; a fact she was quick to point out when she greeted us.

Peaches was a little confused by the balloons, cake, and present; she kept telling us, "Is this for me? Is this for me? It's not my birthday. I'm still five." She was a little worried about us!

It's been precious to see Peaches' and Oksana's growing friendship. Both have come from radically different cultures and have dealt with learning a new language along with adjusting to living with their forever families. Nevertheless, their friendship has blossomed, and now their eyes light up when they talk about each other.

Our hope last night was to honor God and acknowledge all the Nordstroms. We know first hand that a successful adoption takes the love and self-sacrifice of the whole family.

Here's Lissie with the oldest of Peaches' siblings, Katie.

Katie has four brothers, but with this adoption the Lord has given her Peaches to fulfil her longing for a sister.

Peaches is dear to all in our family!

We know that it is God who places children in families through adoption (Ps 68), and we're so grateful to Him that He placed precious Peaches in the family of our dear friends, the Nordstroms.

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy one year anniversary Nordstrom Family!

~Shiloh (College Plus)