Friday, March 2, 2012


Mrs. Beaver:

Anna and Aaron's first anniversary is just around the corner in mid-March. Their love story was recently featured on Scribbles n'Things.

Before this year passes, I want to thank God for one of the great blessings in our daughter's new life in Ohio--her in-laws. The Nix are a Christ-loving family. They've welcomed our Anna warmly. They've included Anna in their close-knit unit. Anna and Aaron go to their home once a week for dinner and a game or movie. Ric and Tina model what strong marriage looks like before the newlyweds; Aaron's parents bring the stability of having been married for more than 31 years.

Here they are at the wedding rehearsal.

All photo credits to Therese Miller and Lauren LaPlante Photography

This is one of my favoirte photos from the wedding. What a joy for the mother-of-the-bride to see her daughter's soon-to-be mother-in-law beam at her just before the ceremony!

Lighting the "unity candle" was completely sincere in this ceremony. The four parents were unified in their belief that the Lord was creating a beautiful, one-flesh, till-death-do-we-part marriage.

Toward the end of the ceremony, the four parents rose from the pews to pray over our children's union. This idea came from our friends Krista and George. George grew up in Nigeria, where a prayer by the parents is a traditional part of the ceremony.

Ric's tenderness in hugging his new daughter-in-law immediately after the ceremony was beautiful.

Unbeknownst to Tina and Aaron, I was watching their interactions during our time together. I knew from my own experience that if a man treats his mom well, there is a good chance he'll also love and honor his wife.

The affection and gentleness I saw in Aaron when he and his mom had a few moments "alone", reassured me that Anna would be cherished by him. In the past year, our new son-in-love has certainly lived up to my unscientific predictions.

Mr. Beaver and I approach Anna and Aaron's first anniversary deeply grateful to God for Aaron's parents, Ric and Tina. They've offered ongoing support to these two young marrieds. Just last night, Ric and Tina picked up Aaron and Anna following an auto accident as their car was towed. Anna's in-laws are a dream come true! And, soon, we'll share the role of grandparents with these dear people! God is good!


Tina said...

Thank you so much for the very kind words and the love and care behind them. All I am able to say is how blessed WE are. We love Anna and are so grateful that the Lord allowed her to be Aaron's helpmate. We, too, are so grateful for Aaron's new family and the love and acceptance and wisdom he has experienced there. We consider you all to be our family as well. We love you. Ric, Tina and Amber

MacMeister said...

In our culture, the phrase "in-laws" usually means trouble. It's so great to see two sets of parents who have such a good relationship with each other, their children-in-law, and the Lord!