Sunday, March 11, 2012

Desert Beauty

Mrs. Beaver:

This weekend Mr. Beaver had a business trip to Tucson. I was blessed to be able to go along. This was our first time to get away for longer than one night since we adopted the most recent trio 15 months ago. Following each of our three adoptions of older children, we have waited until the new children seem to have developed a sense of stability and security before we travel without them.

Here are some of the sights we saw. Our first clue that we weren't in the upper midwest came when palm trees flanked the drive-through lane at a fast food retaurant that southwesterners rave about.

View out our sliding glass door

flowers within our patio area

Flowers-of-a-sort within our patio area

These red blossoms were the hummingbirds' favorites

Another bit of gentle color with in our room's courtyard

Outside our patio area, not everything looked quite as hospitable

The entire area is dotted with saguaro cacti, their sizes varied greatly

The back of our hotel

 More to come.

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Jason M. said...

Did you eat at In N Out? On my most recent California trip, the only real activity we did, other then spend time with my grandma, was visit In N Out. It's a good place to eat. :)