Friday, October 19, 2012

From Mayo...

Mrs. Beaver:

It's time to go to bed after a long-but-good day. Both procedures I underwent today went smoothly, and I even felt up to going out on a date with Mr. Beaver tonight. We found the locals' favorite Mexican restaurant here in Rochester. It was wonderful to eat again since I hadn't been allowed to do that for about 48 hours in anticipation of the medical tests. With the necessity to also stop drinking fluids a couple of hours before the second procedure, I found myself really marveling that Jesus identifies Himself as the Bread of Life and the Fountain of Living Water. Boy, what essentials food and water are! And in this place of physical trial, what an essential Jesus is to my soul!

Today didn't result in an answer to the ongoing pain I've experienced since my surgery in late June, but it ruled out some possible causes. In that way we're closer to possibly finding a solution. I use the word "possibly" because this medical mystery is proving hard to solve. However, we're not discouraged. He is with us! Next week we'll move on with additional steps in hope of finding the solution and each day we keep praying. If any of you have seen the movie Saving Nemo, Mr. Beaver has been singing Dorie's little ditty, "Just keep swimming, swimming...", only he's changed the lyrics to "Just keep praying, praying..." I like it. I've been humming it to myself today as we walked the sweeping corridors of the Mayo Clinic moving from appointment to appointment.

I'm off to the hotel lobby with the love of my life for a late night Snickers Bar. I can only milk this "I haven't eaten for two days!" thing for so long, you know!

Clinging to the Vine,


GJK said...

Praying for you, Denise. I've been dealing with my own "medical mystery" for the last few years, so I know the frustration. But God works all things for good for you, even if it's just about keeping you dependent on Him. :)


Our Family said...

Amen, Gwen! Jim and I feel our dependence more than ever, and it is good! During my last set of appointments at Mayo we learned that my body can no longer carry on a critical task on its own without significant medication or a couple of weeks of intense bio feedback retraining of the involved muscles ( a form of physical therapy). Since then I've been crying out to God, "Lord, I can do NOTHING without you" with a whole new understanding and fervor. Yesterday's tests confirmed that place of brokenness. It is a hard-but-good place. Jesus is worth it! Jesus is worth it! "Learning Jesus" is worth everything!
With love,