Monday, October 8, 2012

Mayo Clinic Update

Rochester, Minnesota, from one of the Mayo Clinic windows

Mrs. Beaver:

Thanks to the many of you who have been praying! The whole tribe appreciates the prayer cover more than we can express.

We're having significant web connection problems right now so my update will be brief while I have a connection. Both my surgeon and the GI specialist found concrete reasons for the increasing pain.

Well, this will need to be a two-part post because Mr. Beaver just returned with paper work for the two-year report on our adoption of Daria, Alexander and Oksana due on a tight time line to the Russian government. I need to help him sort and staple. Our social worker is coming tomorrow for her annual visit. At the same time, she'll also help us get several steps closer to prepared for the Fab Four to come home.

More again soon...


Jason M. said...

Praying that they'll also find concrete solutions.

Our Family said...

Thanks, Jason! You and your family's prayers mean so much!
Mrs. Beaver

TINA said...

Hello ! My name is kristina. I was also adopted from Russia and i think its totally wonderful what you guys are doing i would love to talk to you guys!!