Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nothing Will Be Impossible with God

Mrs. Beaver:

Little ones in our children's orphanage in Russia
September 2012

Twice our family has been blessed to attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans yearly conference, called Summit. If we can manage it, we'll eagerly go back again next May; the event has been so encouraging to our entire family that we know it would be worth the long, long drive from our home in Iowa to Nashville, Tennessee.

Each time we've been to Summit, we've attended a region-specific prayer session. This has given our family the opportunity to pray with about forty others for the orphans in eastern European nations, including Russia. We've had the privilege of praying with nationals from those countries who came to America specifically for Summit. We've gotten to hear them cry out in Russian (still the common language amongst these nations that were part of the former Soviet Union). Hearing heart-felt, anguished cries for the fatherless in another language is such a powerful experience!

Mr. Beaver and I will soon be the parents of 13 Russian orphans. Despite the ongoing wonder and joy of the Lord moving in our hearts repeatedly to keep adding to our family in this way, our hearts long for another solution to the orphan problem in Russia. The hard truth is that Americans adopting Russians will never solve Russia's need for families for those in their culture who are most vulnerable. We yearn and pray for Christians in that country to take up the mantle of bringing broken children into their families.

As of yet, not much movement toward adoption has happened in the Motherland of our children. However, in Ukraine God is moving. Here is a short post describing the Lord at work through Christians in Russia's neighbor just to the west: Ukraine Without Orphans.

I hope your find the post as encouraging as I did. God is at work in a big way in Eastern Europe. That's amazing to this child of the Cold War! It's a great reminder that, "Nothing will be impossible with God!" (Luke 1:37)

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Alyson said...

Hmmmmmm.....Tennessee and Georgia are not too far apart:-). Will have to tuck that one away as a potential trip for our family. Would love to somehow meet you on this side of Heaven.....