Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Strangely enough, this out-of-focus picture of our daughter Anna's family speaks volumes to me as an adoptive mother. So many of my children's lives have been seared by the acid drip of neglect.

This snapshot captures such a brief bit of life on planet earth and yet there's so much here...a vulnerable baby being cradled in her father's arms...a mother's kiss lovingly planted...unity between husband and wife. This is family as God intended it. Thank You, Lord, for Your loving protection of little Brielle.


Eric Moores said...

What a powerful photo! As an adoptive brother, I LOVE to see family as God designed it. Yes, adoption is beautiful and I wouldn't trade the world for it but this, this is precious, this is pure, and this is a delight to any heart that has seen the effects of neglect. I am so glad that Brielle is getting what she needs!

Patricia Rose said...

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Our Family said...

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