Friday, November 2, 2012

PLEASE Watch and Be Blessed!

Mr. & Mrs. Beaver:

If you've followed our blog for any length of time, you've read how God has created a family from two continents, bringing together under one roof two nations which were bitter enemies during the Cold War. Our family represents so many birthparents we've lost track of the count. Even our nine (soon-to-be thirteen) children from Russia represent a diversity of regions and ethnicities. And yet, in Him, we ARE a family.

When we launched into orphan care in 2001, we felt so alone. Little did we suspect that God was at work all over the globe. He was stirring hearts in amazing ways. He is so great. He is so mighty. He is so good! Please spend 33 minutes watching the film below at some point this weekend. Please watch and be blessed! We promise you will be encouraged. Consider this 33 minutes an early Christmas gift from our family to yours!

This Sunday, November 4th, is Orphan Sunday in America. May our understanding of God's majesty and our love of the least of these grow this weekend.

Jim and Denise

"Zambia's Gift to the World" by the Christian Alliance for Orphans

To God be the glory!


Eric Moores said...

What a blessing! I had no clue that Orphan Sunday started in Zambia but it is beautiful to see an indegitious movement to care for the orphans. Praising God that He adopted me and because of His love, now that I get to love on previous orphans everyday. Our God is good!

Our Family said...

Amen and AMEN, Eric! Aren't our two families super-blessed that the Lord has summoned us into serving Him in a way that makes us super-aware of what He has done for us through our own adoption into His family? The Beavers all send their love to your precious family. Tell everyone hello!
Mrs. R.