Monday, November 5, 2012

Remembering as We Look Forward

Mrs. Beaver...

In some ways we're at a daunting point in the adoption process. We're close...oh-so adding new children to our family. Being close is wonderful, something prayed for and worked toward for a long time. And, yet, while close is wonderful, there's also an element of the nearness that could easily promote a descent into anxiety. After all, we're close to adding new members to the family. Everything will change. Some of the changes...okay...many of the changes will be hard.

Today, however, the Lord has helped me to remember. He's helped me to remember that bringing children into a family brings amazing rewards. This photo taken two years ago on our first full day together as a family shouts to my heart, "THE HARD IS WORTH IT!"

Just look at the pure joy on these brand-new sisters' faces as our family explored the streets of Moscow. Anna (left) and Lissie (right) had been stretched outside of their comfort zone as God added a teenager to our number. Yet their faces radiate with the pleasure of doing something that is pleasing to the Father. And Daria? Her countenance beams with the soul-deep satisfaction of inclusion. For the first time, she had siblings. Isn't God good? The hard is worth it! Jesus is worth it! Adoption has been and is good for our family. In fact, I love our life and our calling! Russia here we come!


Natasha said...

You don't know me, but I love reading your blog. Adoption is awesome! My parents have adopted a little girl (from US), and some people in our church just got back from the Ukraine with their two new sons! I love how it is such a great picture of what Christ has done for us.

Our Family said...

Ahhh...thank you, Natasha, for your encouragement!!! I think its awesome that your an adoptive sibling. What an important role you play in the Lord's work! May you and your family be blessed!
Mrs. Beaver

s'mores said...

One of my favorite pictures! How precious and influential are those sibling relationships.