Thursday, November 1, 2012

Minnesota Moments

Mrs. Beaver:

I was sorting through photos this evening and came across some pictures taken by our kiddos on a walk in a park near the home of our friends, the Nisius, in August. I wasn't on the jaunt, but judging from the pictures that were taken, fun must have been had by all.

As soon as Daria could speak enough English to communicate the thought, she told us that she'd like to own a German Shepherd some day. She gave us the impression that the breed is revered in the part of Russia in which she grew up. While she's waiting for the puppy of her dreams, Daria has taken a shine to the Nisius' one-year-old, Sasha. Perhaps Daria is especially drawn to a canine that is her favorite breed which also happens to have a Russian name!
If I were handing out awards, I would give Elizabeth Nisius the prize for "Least Likely to Get In Trouble with the Law". However, just in case my instincts are wrong, Elizabeth's friends got a mug shot of her on this particular outing.
 Elizabeth seems to have had a hard time keeping a straight face for this particular photo shoot!
The final triumph that day was the discovery of a tiny turtle, pictured here by Natasha's hand. Our 12-year-old burst back into the Nisius' home happily retelling the tale of the teeny treasure, that was the size of a small acorn.
All photo credits for this post go to Lissie

I enjoyed stumbling upon these pictures. Getting a peek of what went on that day made my "Mama's heart" happy. Sometimes the little things are loaded with joy!
However, my greatest joy in putting together this post was to come across the picture below of Elizabeth and Daria.
You see, the photo reminds me of a staggering blessing in our lives. Elizabeth and both her siblings, Andrew and Katherine, have loved, loved, LOVED on our adoptive children each time we've brought home a trio from Russia over the past decade. What a gift it has been to our new kiddos to have instant friends in the Nisius children! The three Nisius kiddos have been involved in orphan care in a very real sense most of their lives already. They have visited orphans (or at least newly-adopted former orphans) in their distress; God calls this "pure and undefiled religion." (James 1:27 NASB) Thanks, Elizabeth, Andrew and Katherine! We love you deeply!

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