Monday, December 24, 2012

A Surprise

Mrs. Beaver:

About two months ago, Lissie got the shock of her life. Her dad Skyped and told her a young man had contacted him seeking permission to court her. Lissie was floored! Although her life dream is to marry and become a mom, she sincerely didn't believe that deep desire could possibly come true until she was in her late twenties.

The young man who had contacted Mr. Beaver has been a family friend for about 2-1/2 years since he first came to a multi-day CollegePlus! gathering at our home. About three dozen college students--and some of their siblings--attended the event from around the country. When Mr. Beaver asked Lissie if she would be interested in being courted by Eric Moores, her response was an immediate and ecstatic, "Yes!" She'd come to deeply respect His love of God and she's also learned to appreciate his sense of humor. Lissie had been able to take note of these traits and others during several other CollegePlus! gatherings that both attended over the past couple of years.

The two are now going through the process of seeking God's will for their future while getting to know one another well enough to discern whether they should pursue marriage.

For the past few weeks all their contact has had to be via Skype or email, but later this week Eric and his sister Kali, one of Lissie's dear friends, will visit us from their home outside Boston for two full weeks so that the young couple has the chance to really get to know one another in person before she returns to Central Asia in mid January for another five months stint.

Today our twins went to see "The Hobbit" together. While they were gone, a special delivery arrived for Lissie. She walked into the house oblivious to the surprise that awaited her...

...but, as you can see below, she grew immediately suspicious that something was up when she noticed the whole family was watching her entry into the kitchen. And then...
...she noticed the flowers. Her face turned as pink as her coat!
She made a wide arc around the beautiful bouquet...
...unsure of how to proceed. After all, these were the first flowers she'd ever received from a young man!
Her siblings didn't lack for ideas on what Lissie should do. They happily chanted, "Read the note! Read the note!" So tentatively she moved in just close enough to grab the card. She then backed away as though she feared the beauty before her might just be too good to be true.

Lissie read Eric's words and then stared contemplatively for a moment at the bouquet with a blissful grin spread across her face.

Clutching Eric's message, Lissie ran to her Daddy and sunk into his embrace. She then looked up into his eyes and asked plaintively, "Is this okay with you?"

When Eric and Lissie began their courtship, they went out of their way to request that their parents guide and counsel them as they face the biggest decision of their lives. Lissie was looking to father for leadership in this new situation.

Lissie's dad rapidly reassured her that Eric had asked before he sent the flowers.

Then a tearful daughter and a giddy daddy laughed delightedly together out of sheer joy! Lissie has no greater champion than her own dad (although that might just be changing!).

Finally, after initial disbelief and then some caution, Lissie was ready to relish the romance of Eric's generosity and thoughtfulness.

As she picked up the vase to admire the flowers up-close, she whispered, "How did he know...? How did he know that pink roses are my favorite flower?"

Lissie will still have to solve that mystery. However, as she said made the comment, I remembered some words Eric emailed Mr. Beaver as the courtship began, "I want to study Lissie." Apparently he's been an attentive student thus far!

To God be all the glory!


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s'mores said...

Very well written! Second best to being there. :)

Elizabeth said...

So excited for Lizzie!!

Jason M. said...

Congrats to Eric and Lissie! All the best as they seek God's will.

Michelle S said...

I love reading of this special beginning of courtship between Lissie and Eric! I admire couples who court; as Ernie also approached my parents/dad and requested permission to court me 11 years ago; this past October! I respect courtship and all that it means for a couple pursuing God's will for their future!:) I look forward to hearing more of this development, Lord willing!:)