Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adoption Update: We Could Use Prayer

Mrs. Beaver:

About ten days ago I was pleading with the Lord on this blog for a court date before Lissie arrives home for Christmas break. It has become clear that isn't His will. The Russian judge issued a request Thursday for quite a string of additional documents. Getting them to Russia and then processed there will definitely take us into the next calendar year.We're busy reminding ourselves of biblical truths about God's wisdom, goodness, and sovereignty.

In fact, today I listened to a great sermon on contentment that helped my wrestling heart. Here's the link: God is More than Enough.

That said, to even keep the adoption moving, we could use some urgent prayer. One of the judge's requirements is for a "police clearance" for Lissie from the city in which she's living in Central Asia. (The point of the document is to prove that the person has no police record in that location.) Our hope is that Lissie will be able to bring this document home with her when she travels back to the States late this week. It's already Monday morning on that side of the world so the time table is TIGHT. In addition, the culture is so very different there that we don't really know what we face to even accomplish this. What we do know is that nothing is impossible for God! Pray for wisdom. Pray for cooperation from law enforment officials. Please join us in prayer that the Lord would grant us an early Christmas gift in the form of a document critical to getting the Fab Four home as early in '13 as possible. Thank you, friends!

(Lissie is pictured with her oldest student, Anna)


s'mores said...

We wrestle because His ways are not our ways and our minds cannot comprehend all that He is. But so thankful that His ways are perfect and that we can trust Him. Praying that He gives you the strength to press on, the comfort in knowing that He is for us and the love and hugs to encourage you daily!

Jason M. said...

Thanks for the update, and I'll keep praying!

Noah Fullbright said...

Praying and will continue to pray. Love you guys!