Friday, December 28, 2012

A Time to Weep and a Time to Laugh

Mrs. Beaver:

We woke to the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a much-talked about piece of legislation that prohibits Americans from adopting Russian children. After jumping through countless hoops and visiting our kiddos in September, we were oh-so very close to a court date. Yet our avenue for adding the "Fab Four" to our family is now roadblocked. As the realization sunk in this morning, our hearts hurt.

As we grieved our way through the first half of the day, we kept our eye on the clock. We needed to be at the airport at 2 p.m. As we announced in the post called "A Surprise", our daughter Lissie is being courted by Eric Moores. Eric and his sister, Kali, a dear friend of Lissie's were on their way for a visit.

We arrived at the airport a tad early and their flight was a full hour late.

As I paced the itsy-bitsy airport, a set of Bible verses kept occurring to me. What wound its way through my head and made its way into my heart was the famous passage from Ecclesiastes 3: "There is a time for everything...a time to weep and a time to laugh." (verses 1,4)

Usually when I read that passage I think of the opposites mentioned in the long list as happening at different times, perhaps one following the other. But right now, God has laid on our plate both a reason for sorrow and a reason for joy. Perhaps another metaphor works even better. The grief and the happiness are like two sides of a coin. I choose to see this dichotomy as a great kindness from a good God.

While we pray-pray-pray-pray that God will provide a way around or over or under the roadblock to adopting our kiddos, we can be focusing on life and laughter and love and living in a way that glorifies God despite our circumstances. Grief and gladness can co-exist.

So as God lifted my spirits, I was able to enjoy how beautiful my daughter looked as she waited for her guy. This was to be the first time they'd seen each other since they started courting seven weeks ago. When the courtship began, Lissie was living in Central Asia.

The two have been counting the days for this "together time" for weeks, but Lissie told me despite her excitement she was also a bit nervous.
Finally, the plane landed and the whole family lined up to support Lissie and cheer on the duo. We've all known Eric for nearly three years and he is a favorite with the whole tribe.
At last, Lissie caught sight of a tall, dark...well, you get the picture.
Eric was hurrying toward Lissie at a record-setting pace!
Eric and Lissie's hug took place too fast for me to catch with my camera. That brevity was purposeful on their part and it had been decided upon through ongoing discussions long before they reached each other's arms. Still in the initial stage of their courtship, they've chosen to wait on physical shows of affection until they have a better sense of whether God's will is for them to spend their lives together with nothing parting them but death.
So for now, Eric's embrace is for his sister. We're so glad both of them will be spending two weeks with us. They feel just like family and having them around increases the amount of laughter that rings through our home. Right now we could use some extra laughter, while we pray-pray-pray-pray that eventually our sorrow will be turned to joy and our mourning to dancing as we celebrate the addition of four kiddos to our number.
God is good all the time. All the time God is good.


Alyson said...

Tears right now for the children and your precious family. Our Lord is greater than any roadblock.....remember the Red Sea????!!!! Cherish your time with Eric and his sister. Will be bathing that in prayer, too. Precious happening for Lissie and all!

s'mores said...

What a blessing that Eric & Lissie are able to spend these two weeks in actual face time. Jim & Denise, what a tremendous blessing that we (Eric's parents) have full confidence in your guidance and leadership at this time!

Elissa L. Berg said...

This is so sweet! Your family does not know me. A few years back, I attended VCSU and I took a class with one of your daughters (Music History) online. I believe it was Lissie, because I wrote her and told her I loved how your family did courtship. :) I just got on here today and was delighted to see Lissie now courting. Congrats and best wishes! :)

Erica Granquist said...

Wonderful how God does that, isn't it? In fact, nearly the same thing happened to us- in the midst of all this adoption turmoil, my brother started courting a great girl just 2 days ago. God is good to give us blessings with the sadness, yes? (By the way, thanks for posting pictures!! I'm so excited for my dear friends!)

Natalie said...

Wish I could comment more but I have to be careful with what I write on the internet. Please do know that we are praying and love your family dearly!!!

So happy for Lissie! And yet grieving for the other circumstance.

Jason M. said...

Congrats to Eric and Lissie! I hope this time goes great for them!

Still praying for you guys!