Monday, January 6, 2014

Joy...and Pain...for Our Twins

Twins John and Lissie, friends since conception, prepare for change

While our photographers were preparing their equipment to take pictures on the church's second floor, the Lord granted our twins, John and Lissie, a moment alone. In the hush of the cavernous sanctuary, our twins embraced and silently braced themselves for what the day’s “leaving and cleaving” would have to mean for the two of them. This brother and sister had been conjoined at the heart in a fiercely loyal friendship since sharing the womb. But the day had arrived when their friendship had to be remolded as Lissie became Eric’s wife. My heart ached as I looked on even though I knew that Lissie's marriage to Eric was God's perfect plan for her life. So I prayed. I prayed for God's grace to cover them both as they faced such profound change. I thanked the Lord that our twins’ hearts were so closely intertwined as they grew up. I asked God to provide the perfect wife for John. I look forward to the joyous day when it will be his turn to stand at the altar and pledge a lifetime of friendship and faithfulness to his soul mate. Both John and Lissie have learned much about living the kind of self-denying love that a great marriage takes through God's great gift of being twins.

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Alyson said...

Denise, Whew! You did it again. Captured such love in a photo. What a gift the two of them have. What a precious, emotionally intense moment. Love and blessings.....