Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Bride Adorned

In October our second oldest daughter, Lissie, was married. I'm just now getting to posting the photos following some recent surgery.

In case you missed it, Eric and Lissie's love story can be found on her blog.

(Credit for all these photos goes to Lauren LaPlante of Lauren LaPlante Photography )

Lissie and her bridesmaids got ready in the basement of the church.

Her makeup artist was her sister, Daria, who had joined the family through adoption three years earlier. Daria learned her skill in her Russian orphanage when the director brought in a makeup artist to teach the motherless teenage girls how to beautify themselves.

The bride had her hair done professionally. However, all the other girls involved in the day's celebration had their tresses coiffed by family friends Bethany (below) and Sarah (not pictured). There was so much hair to be done that sometimes multitasking was required!

While one bride, five bridesmaids (including one sister) and seven additional sisters busily prepared themselves, 16-month-old Brielle, daughter of the matron of honor, patiently paced the floor.

Lissie's sisters, Jaynie and Sarah, laced the intricate corset of her gown.

When the lacing was complete it was time for a bride sandwich...also know as a sister hug.

I had been watching the hubbub from the side of the room...

...but now I stepped in to complete Lissie's adornment by placing the veil in her hair, just as I'd been blessed to do for her older sister, Anna, 2-1/2 years earlier.

And thus the bride was made ready for her groom!

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