Thursday, January 9, 2014

The First Man in Her Life

Getting Lissie ready for her wedding day took a great deal of preparation. But that period of preparation can't be measured in months. Getting Lissie ready to be a bride took years ~ 21 years to be exact.

Long before there was Eric, there was Dad. Throughout her growing up years, Lissie's daddy stayed close to his baby girl. He spent time with her...just her. He listened to her. He cared about the things that mattered to her. He cheered her on when things went well and he held when she hurt. As a result, he had her heart.

Her dad taught her about God. Her dad taught her to read her Bible daily by reading his every morning. Her dad lead her to the cross and knelt there beside her.

By the time Lissie was old enough to approach the wedding altar, she'd been treasured so deeply that she only had eyes for a man who will cherish her and treat her right. She wouldn't settle for a man who didn't love Jesus. The bar was set high as a result of her dad's input into her life--throughout her life. And God answered her daddy's prayers of 21 years for just the right man to stroll into her life at just the right time.

I'm certain the first man in her life thinks his 21-year investment has paid off richly.

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