Sunday, March 15, 2015

before they departed

Alison and her funny guy, Will, left earlier this week. We'd all enjoyed a blissful seven days of love and laughter! To mark the special time, I wanted to make sure I had a photo of everyone in the family with their favorite 5-month-old little boy. I'd already taken pictures of Zhenya and Eliana with William, but this post includes photos with the rest of the gang.

You'll see William's tongue out in most of these photos. During the last couple of days Will was with us, the silly boy was almost continually trying to roll his tongue. In those moments when he forgot his passionate pursuit, there was always someone around from our extra-large family to remind him by rolling his or her tongue. I was left out of all this fun because I'm one of those folks who can't roll my tongue. Can you roll your tongue?

When William was placed in Hope's arms, he was quite interested in tasting her. Perhaps this was because he was born in October everyone has been wearing sleeves. Maybe? Perhaps...?

One lick became two before we could get Will to turn toward the camera.

Love this guy's sparkly eyes! Even when he isn't smiling, he still looks happy. God has been so kind to give him delight in his world.

And when Will smiles, we find we can't resist smiling with him.

In fact, when William smiles, the whole room lights up.

The Bible says that grandchildren are the reward of old age. William's grandpa and I are relishing the sweet reward of having this precious child as one of our grandtreasures.

These two were buddies during Will's visit.

As were these two.

When John got home from work, William used his lap as a throne.

Christina had been volunteering at the horse therapy ranch near our home, but when she returned I got a photo of this auntie and her little nephew in his pajamas just as the sun set.

Now that our grandson has gone the house just seems too quiet.

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