Thursday, March 5, 2015

William's Very Busy Day

William's second full day of his unexpected visit started with his mom lovingly letting the five-month-old investigate a whole new world at his grandparents' house.

During the morning, Will was lavished with affection by his Auntie Zhenya.

When she laid him down, William was one massive grin!

Will carried that same happy-hearted smile into the dining room as we ate lunch. He passed the time in the "jumperoo" bouncing up and down with glee.

After nap time, William spent some special time alone with Auntie Eliana while others in the house were occupied in other ways. We all marvel at what a natural Eliana is with babies. Knowing how to keep them happy seems to be a God-given gift.

In the late afternoon, William got another round of kisses from Auntie Z.

Uncle John was eager to get in some time with his twin's son when he arrived home from work. However, William was too hungry for his evening oatmeal to be willing to play. The little one wasn't even interested in the pacifier his Uncle John offered him. Alison told John that she'd make sure he got some time with his nephew on Saturday morning during William's happiest time of day.

While William's momma prepared her son's dinner, a whole crowd gathered to see the baby through those long moments waiting for food. Will had had a very busy day! And we all had a very blessed day having Alison and William here with us. Our deepest thanks to Alison's husband, Eric, for this incredible gift!

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