Sunday, March 22, 2015

Faith at Fifteen

This week we celebrated Faith's 15th birthday. To mark the occasion, I captured a few photos of our rapidly changing teen.

 Well... as rewarding as it was as a photographer to snap this particular picture of our porcelain princess, the photo doesn't do a good job of capturing the real Faith.

This... the real Faith.

Faith is a walking smile who lights up our lives. She is a gift from God! We thank Him every day that He placed her in our lives through adoption.

Fifteen things about Faith at fifteen (written by Faith):
  1. My favorite Bible verse is John 14:18: "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." These words of Jesus not only remind me of God's grace in placing me, a former orphan, in the family I have, but also of the chance to become His daughter! Looking back on my life, it is amazing to see all the ways He has been there for me!
  2. My favorite foods are steak and chocolate! Who wouldn't like steak when it is grilled perfectly by world's best griller (aka my dad)?
  3. My favorite fictional book series is "The Ranger's Apprentice" by John Flanagan. John Flanagan is an amazing role model for me in the way that he writes! He knows what he is talking about and makes the books very intriguing reads. His other series, "The Brother Band Chronicles", is also highly recommended. (My mom asked me to alert you that these books do have occasional curse words in them).
  4. I would like to major in equine management and equine photography. I love taking pictures. Period. However, when I have the opportunity to take photos with horses in them, my interest in photography soars. I hope to own a ranch someday and serve people through horses!
  5. I have a very silly but strong fear of sharks. I know this is irrational because I live among cornstalks...and there are no sharks for a thousand of miles!
  6. My favorite subjects in school are history and English.
  7. If I could meet any famous people from the past, I would want to meet America's founding fathers. What amazing and godly men many of them were who stood up for freedom of religion!
  8. I love anything having to do with World War 2. What an amazing generation of men and women! As I read more and more about theses people, I am astounded by their courage and sacrifice.  
  9. I love helping children with special needs as a volunteer at a horseback therapy riding barn. 
  10. My favorite animals are horses, birds and giraffes. My favorite breed of horse is the Quarter Horse. My favorite type of bird is the Peregrine Falcon. And, as for giraffes, my favorites are the spotted ones.
  11. I adore dogs. My favorite breed is the Gerberian Shepsky. For any of you who are wondering what that is, a Gerberian Shepsky is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky...absolutely the best breeds ever!
  12. Before I marry, I hope to travel to England with my sister Christina. I have been so blessed to go there twice with my family and have decided I could can never tire of visiting there! 
  13. I would love to publish a fictional novel for teens one day. I love to write and try to work on one story for at least ten minutes a day. 
  14. I love spending time with horses and could spend a whole day on horseback if I was given the opportunity My parents have been generous and pay for a monthly horseback riding lesson at a stable near us. I have an amazing teacher and amazing horses to ride! 
  15. My parents gave me the gift of sewing lessons for my birthday. I hope to start a business sewing clothes and household items as a way to earn money so that I can save up for a horse of my own!


Natalie said...

Where has the time gone? Praising God for 15 years of Faith :)

George and Krista said...

Wow! It doesn't seem possible that she's 15 already! Happy Birthday!