Sunday, March 1, 2015

the lost posts: evelyn at one

We visited Ohio to celebrate Evelyn's first birthday in late August of 2014. This post is coming late simply because life has had so many twists and turns. Now the Lord seems to be giving me a bit of a window of time which I can spend at my computer so here is the first of many "catch-up" posts. 

The morning of her special day I had the chance to do a photo shoot with the birthday girl in a local park. 


When Evelyn started to grow hesitant in the strange environment, her momma was right there to comfort her.

While Evelyn was regaining her courage, I took some pictures of big sister Brielle, who was just 26 months old herself.


Finally the one-year-old was ready to leave her momma's arms and do a bit of exploring.

I like to think of this pose as Evelyn's "Look out world ~ here I come!"...a perfect stance for a fearless toddler's entrance into her second year of life!

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