Monday, April 26, 2010

...and then there was more... paperwork!

One of the best ways to deal with the challenges of the adoption process is to realize that God uses those challenges (like all things) for our good and for His glory. Keeping this in mind helps us deal with challenges... like the mountains of paperwork that seem to multiply like the rabbits that feast on our tulips.

It helps to see the process as one of the many ways God has to sanctify us. Through this process we learn about Him, about His ways, and about ourselves. We are reminded that:

  • He is completely sovereign. Only by His miraculous intervention could a family come together across thousands of miles and seemingly unrelated circumstances through the bureacracy of two governments.

  • We are completely dependent on Him. The adoption process has a way of repeatedly demonstrating our complete lack of control over the situation.

  • We must wait on His timing. Even when we think the best plan would be for the adoption to come together quickly, our past adoptions have shown us that His timing is always best.

  • We are inherently impatient and prone to discontentment. We must be patient... with bureacracy... with paperwork... even with seemingly senseless delays. We must remember that lack of contentment with the circumstances He has allowed represents rebellion against His sovereign will.

It is with these reflections that we can joyfully celebrate the challenges we face, both in the adoption process and in our lives in general.

- Mr. Beaver

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