Monday, April 26, 2010

A Big Day!

Friday was a day long-awaited by Maher-shalal-hashbaaz. After patiently waiting for his baby teeth to make way for his adult chompers, Maher officially joined the Reynolds-Supporting-Orthodontists Club. This elite group is not a small one; in fact, he is the sixth Reynolds to experience braces so far. Despite physical discomfort, a trip to the orthodontist is always welcome in our family thanks to the friendly staff and our skilled orthodontist (who wears awesome Snoopy ties).

Mid-morning the rest of the family piled into Big Momma (our 15 passenger van) and trundled off to the grocery store for a special errand. After meeting up with Mom and Maher (whose shiny whites were now patriotic in red and blue braces), we did a routine grocery run- which ended up being two full carts.

After that, we got down to our original business. Invading the grocery store’s floral area, we each selected a bouquet of our choice and also picked out three fresh roses. The cashier’s eyes widened considerably as she saw us bearing down on her with 10 bundles of flowers. It would be safe to say we peaked her curiosity.

Around noon Dad arrived home and laid out adoption paperwork on the dining room table. Needless to say, all liquids were banned from the area.
He was finished in time for the arrival of our social worker. She had come for a very special purpose-to gather paperwork for our finished homestudy. Yes, that’s right, our homestudy is finished!!! She had worked diligently on the massive document, and together with Dad and Mom had gathered all the apostilles, certificates, and police clearances necessary to complete the homestudy.
In thanks for her hard work and support, we each presented the bouquet we had selected earlier to our social worker. We also gave her three roses to represent our three new siblings. We are very grateful for all she has done to help bring our siblings home! With the homestudy on the way to our international agency for translation, and our dossier well on its way to completion, we are nearing the waiting stage-which we hope will not last long. We long to bring our siblings home soon.

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Melody said...

Hi Lissie!!
I happened to come across this blog today, and I saw your picture and I was like " she looks familiar" lol then I remembered you were in my oral round in the National Bible Bee last year!! I had meant to ask you for your email but I didn't see you after that oral round. I'm glad I found your family's blog! :D I read Tessa's story about not dating and her courtship, and it made my dad cry, haha my mom likes it too. I think your parents and my parents have a lot of the same views. :) I also read that you're studying for the Bible Bee agin this year. So am I! Mabye, God-willing, we can see eachother in Illinois in November. But if not, I really want to keep in touch. My email is Have a great rest of the summer studying God's Word! :D