Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying Our Hand at Russian Cooking

Well, today we tried our hand at Russian pancakes. Our church is hosting an international dinner in honour of some missionary friends who are visiting. Everyone was in the kitchen at one point or another, mixing, frying, stirring, flipping, washing, emptying, filling, measuring... you get the picture. Russian pancakes are called blini and they're similar to a crepe. They look positively scrumptious!

We also took some time this afternoon to go and see the movie Letters to God. Leaving the kitchen on pause concerning the blini, we piled into The Big Momma (aka, the fifteen passenger van) and went downtown. I highly recommend that movie. I won't share anything to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but none of us walked out with a dry eye.

Some other things we've done today? Jaynie tried her hand behind the wheel today. (Consider yourself warned, world!) From what I've heard, it was successful, thanks to one of the best driver's ed teachers out there (aka, my dad). There were also two separate trips to the grocery store, which just happens to be part of the joys of feeding a Russian horde.

Oh, and while I am posting this, all of the fire alarms are going off.... I hope you enjoyed this taste of our craziness.

Our ever-helpful Poochita, lounging in her crate....

The kitchen, only partially messy, but still in need of some major cleanup.

The finished product! Fried Blini!

Lissie, hard at work rolling the blini up to be fried.

Jaynie, making the actual blini.

Gigglebox, looking beautiful amid the skillets and flour.

Mrs. Beaver and Cassandra reading the recipe and making important executive decisions.

One of the many recipes we looked over.

~ Tessa

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Nordstroms said...

I bet that blini was absolutely delicious!! Although as I'm saying this I'm filled with guilt cause I didn't have any :( have a great rest of the weekend!!