Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Bink!

Brimful of life and character, Princess Bink never lets the grass grow under her feet. From the moment she rolls bleary eyed out of bed until her wiggling body is stilled in peaceful snoring at night, she never stops moving. Princess Bink cannot simply walk from point A to point B-she jumps, hops, skips, and dances her way through the day. The soon to be Ex-Baby of the family (the 5-year-old we are in the process of adopting will gain that honorary spot) also keeps us laughing with her quick sense of humor and her acting flair.

The youngest member of our second Russian trio is 8- years- old today. Some of her many hobbies include drawing, reading (congrats Mom on successful reader #9), baking, dress-up, and getting as dirty as possible while starting bug habitats for her new pet worms. And of course dancing. Our Bink-a-lope has a passion for ballet and has choreographed routines to many of her favorite classical pieces.

While we enjoy having our own Bink-sized Sparkler, we don’t take her boundless energy, irresistible giggle, or quick wit for granted. God has done a transforming work in the life of this little girl since she arrived home nearly 5 years ago. Undersized, unsure on her legs (at age 3!), and overwhelmed by the changes in her life, Princess Bink was timid, shaky, and withdrawn for the first few weeks of her new life in America. Since then we have watched her blossom beyond our greatest hopes into the strong, vibrant, joyful, and very talkative 8- year- old we are blessed to call ours.

A tearful Princess Bink with Gigglebox on their last day in the orphanage

Only 18lbs when she arrived home, Princess Bink nevertheless delved into her meals with gusto

Six weeks after arriving home, we were already experiencing her intense personality.

We love you Princess Bink!

~ Lissie


Kluane said...

Awww! Happy Birthday Princess Bink!

Nordstroms said...

Happy Birthday Princess Bink!!! We love you very very much!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!

the Nordstroms via Sunshine :)