Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tentative Relief

This morning, I was awakened at 5:30 and asked to come downstairs. As we all gathered, Mom's face was sad and it scared me. She shared with all of us that the Russian government had declared a moratorium on all adoptions with the US. Right then and there, we prayed together, asking Him to lift this freeze quickly for the sake of our precious siblings in Russia. All during the rest of the morning, there were many tears and many prayers offered up to Our Heavenly Father. All of our hearts were aching.

I felt so confused! What was God doing? I knew He was in control and this was completely in His sovereign plan, but I couldn't see how it was fitting in. How could this be good? Immediately, I thought of Romans 8:28. Of course it was good, because it was from God and God works all things for good to those who love Him! I felt an incredible peace. I really clung to this song today, playing it over and over:

I left the house for awhile this afternoon. I found myself driving around town praising Him, when only this morning I had felt incapable of opening my lips in praise. God is so good! Focusing on the cross and what was accomplished there put my circumstances into perspective.

When I walked in the door, I found Mom and several of my siblings waiting for me with hope in their eyes. Mom told me, "Our agency sent us an email and has said there is no moratorium!" I was floored. All of that mourning for naught? Or maybe this information was wrong too? The relief that washed over me was incredible.

Apparently, the Russian Foreign Ministry had declared that there had been a suspension on all US adoptions, but they have no jurisdiction over adoption. The Ministry of Education is the Russian government entity that is responsible for adoptions and has said there is no freeze on adoptions at this time.

So our family is cautiously rejoicing in this news and frantically finishing paperwork on this end. We want to accomplish all that we can on this end as quickly as possible. Hopefully, a moratorium never has been issued or will be issued. And tonight we are praising our Rock whether there is a moratorium or not.

~ Tessa


Nordstroms said...

Hey Reynolds!! I absolutely LOVE your blog :) it's pretty fantastic. I love you guys and I'm praying for you. <3


hennfamily said...

Okay, now this is just FLAT OUT exciting! the Reynolds are entering the Blog-o-sphere!! Thank you for this update and the encouragement that it brought me to worship in the eye of the storm!

Corrie said...

Hello from the North land! I had heard that you were in the process of adopting again - This is very exciting. I will pray for you that is all goes well!

Miss Corrie!

Glad to see you in blog sphere!

rob said...

You all don't know me, but I'm from CP - and I have enjoyed getting to know each person from your family doing CP. :) You all are a blessing to me, even though I haven't met you yet, and you all are an amazing testimony to God's goodness. May God bless each and every one of you!


Sunny said...

Just wanted to say wow! I'm excited about the news and hope the adoption continues smoothly! or... as smoothly as adoptions from Russia can go. :) I'll be keeping your family in my prayers.


Scott said...

Very good name for your blog. And praise God for this news! Thank you Lord Jesus. Continuing to pray for more grace.

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog! It's been a joy to get to know Tessa and Lissie on the CP forums :) In the updates on the forums and now on this blog, you have been so God-honoring. Your family's story has really touched me and I pray that God will bless you as you trust in him. One day you'll have the joy of digging through the archives of your blog and remembering God's faithfulness even in the hard times.

I'll be praying!
-Elizabeth from the CP forums- with the pink flowers ;)

Grace and Beauty said...

I'm keeping your family continually in my prayers! I am really excited for you guys. May the Lord continue to work through this adoption.
Leah :)