Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrating 5 Years

April 28 was the 5 year anniversary of Tinkerbell, Gigglebox, and Princess Bink's homecoming. So, while we were in Minneapolis for the conference, we decided to celebrate.

Dad and Mom took us to the Mall of America, and we did something fun, crazy, and out of the ordinary- we rode a roller coaster!

Before the ride-Jaynie, wondering if this was a crazy idea.

This was the wild kind of roller coaster, the kind that goes straight up and then drops so suddenly you wonder where you left your stomach. This also happened to be the kind that went upside down several times and the kind through which Tessa screams her loudest (I know, because I was sitting next to her). This was the first roller coaster any of our Russians (from Jaynie down) had ever experienced, and although they emerged a little pale and dizzy, they loved it and still can't stop talking about it!

Princess Bink didn't quite make the height requirements for the first roller coaster, but she still had her chance. After the older members of the family had staggered away from the wild ride, she and Mom boarded another roller coaster. Princess Bink's face as they rode round and round was one of amazement, nervousness, and delight.

Princess Bink, tense and unsure of whether she approved. Mom? Having a great time. That picture is visible proof of how blessed we kids are-our mom knows how to have fun. She's the best!

We can't imagine life without our girls. They are happy, creative, and loving. They are each other's best friends and love nothing more than to spend time with each other. Tinkerbell and Gigglebox love to read and often consume a chapterbook a day, and Princess Bink is becoming a better reader all the time. The girls often put on plays and puppet shows for us, create elaborate "houses" outside, and lovingly care for their dolls. Our 2nd Russian trio has a love both for Russia, their Motherland, and for America, their new home.

Tinkerbell, Gigglebox, and Princess Bink on their way home to America 5 years ago!

Thank you Lord for the way you have knit our family together.


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hennfamily said...

Wow you guys! that is really cool! we are so happy for you! we love you!
The henns(aka Kaylee)