Friday, May 21, 2010

Through the eyes of a child... flowers, feathers and fun

We went flower shopping! Gigglebox, Princess Bink, Tinkerbell, Cassandra, Jaynie and Speedy all helped me pick out the perfect flowers for our flower pots today. We picked out some pink impatiens in many different shades, some large Geraniums, some vines and a couple spikes, not to mention a few Gerber daisies (my favourite!)

Once we had all of our flowers picked out, we went inside to pay for them. I kept Cassandra with me and sent the other kids off to find weed killer, asking them to hurry. But I paid for the flowers, walked out of Bomgaars and loaded the Suburban without seeing hide nor hair of them. Cassandra and I decided to investigate. After a little searching, this is what we found:

They had discovered the chicks and the ducklings and baby turkeys!

When we checked out the second time, this time with weed killer, Princess Bink stood right with me. She told me:
"When I have kids, I'm going to come back here and buy those baby chicks for my kids."
I laughed and explained that those baby chicks wouldn't be babies by the time she had kids, but undaunted as ever, she said, "Well, I'll come back and get the grown-up chicks then!"
The cashier had a hard time not laughing.

As we walked out, Tinkerbell came to me with an excited twinkle in her eye.
She asked me, "Those were really only five dollars or so?" as if she couldn't believe the price tag.
But I knew what she was thinking. I asked her where she thought she could keep a duckling and she said, "On top of my dresser in a cardboard box so that the dog won't get it!"
"Oh no, you can't keep it inside!" I laughed.
"Well, I'll keep it on the porch, in the back!" she said, still grinning.
"What about all the wild animals?" I asked.
"Oh....well, I'll keep it on the deck!"
And on and on it went. When we got home, I told Mom that she was going to have at least three children ask her for a duckling or a chick or even a baby turkey. I think Tinkerbell is still trying to figure out a way to spend her money on a duckling of her own.
~ Tessa

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Natalie said...

I love the expression "Princess Bink" has on her face!! So precious!