Thursday, May 13, 2010

God Provides!

Here's a look at cooking in our family--SUPERSIZED!!!!

First, supersized cooking begins with massive shopping! We shop by separating into four teams, filling four shopping carts to the brim and then simultaneously checking out in 4 parallel checkout lanes. Mrs. Beaver hovers nearby, poised to swipe a credit card in each checkout lane at just the right time.

Next, supersized cooking requires the use of supersized recipes! Our mighty feasts take the work of an entire team.

Cassandra led a team of willing helpers in creating this 17-pound, quadrupled lasagna masterpiece! This family of 11 is learning to cook for 14!

To provide context for the size of this gigantic pan, the smaller pan in the pictures below is a 9 x 13:

All these things considered, I almost can't believe the amount of food God provides for our family daily, but somehow He does!

God has faithfully provided food and other necessaries for us since we first began our adoption journey. From this we should believe that He is willing and able to provide all we need as we continue the journey. It's tempting to worry as new trials confront us, such as waiting to see what changes the Russian and American governments will impose on adoptions. However, God has an abundant track record of caring for our needs, and His past provision will comfort us in the days, months, and years ahead.

"Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you."
- Ps 116:7

- Joe


WhiteStone said...

Oh, my, that's a lot of food! I grew up in a household of eight. And when I left home I had to learn to cook for two. I hope your children try a few cooking skills on a smaller level for when they will be cooking for one or two!!!

Love your shopping method!

MacSquash said...


That looks like our lasagna, both size-wise and delicious-wise! :-D Ah the wonderful world of double and quadruple recipes! And willing helpers! :-D

I'm really enjoying this blog btw! Thanks for keeping us all up to date and giving us a little inside look at your family as well!

the johnson crew said...

i might need to borrow some of your super-sized recopies someday. our family is not as big as yours, but my boys eat like horses.

AMEN! God ALWAYS provides.

Natalie said...

Oh, how I love those mega sized meals we've enjoyed with your family!

What a timely reminder of God's faithfulness to us. Thank you!!!