Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Multiple Milestones for a Dynamic Duo!

Twins, Joe and Lissie, our "dynamic duo" started their education journey as a team, drawing strength from each other to face their first day of preschool.

They reached a culminating milestone on the third Saturday in May, 2010, as they graduated from high school in a ceremony in Des Moines, Iowa, along with 124 other home schoolers.

On the Saturday following commencement, Joe and Lissie reached another great milestone... their senior recital!

This recital was the culmination of more than 12 years of lessons and one solid year of dedicated rehearsal for the major event.

The many hours of rehearsal included both solo practice time and group practice time with Tessa and Jaynie who play with Joe and Lissie in the family's string quartet (which also played in the recital).

Finally, when the big day arrived, it started with a very serious dress rehearsal...

... well, serious for Joe, anyway!

Just minutes before the recital... once again, the dynamic duo faces a challenge together!

We are grateful to Joe and Lissie's talented, dedicated music teachers who coached, encouraged, helped, and instructed them to this important milestone.

Joe Shufro, pictured here with his wife, Hanh, is the conductor of the Sioux City Youth Symphony and Principal Cellist of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra.

Lissie has been a member of Mr. Shufro's youth symphony for 2-1/2 years along with Tessa (the concert master). Mr. Shufro also teaches Jaynie cello.

Mr. Shufro is also a patient encourager, with a keen sense of humor that all his students enjoy. He inspires Sioux City's youth to make great music.

Michele Grossman (below) is a remarkably accomplished pianist. She has raised Joe's piano skills to a whole new level in the short time she has been teaching him.

She has also blessed our family by accompanying both Lissie, Tessa and Jaynie in a number of their strings recitals.

Michele has even shared her dear mother, Marlene, with us. Marlene has been a real champion of the musical efforts of Joe, Lissie and all of our children. She's like family to us!

For the last 3 years, Dr. Eunho Kim has patiently trained up both Lissie and Tessa in their study of the violin. Dr. Kim is an accomplished musician herself, playing the role of Concert Master in the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. Under her skilled teaching and gentle encourgement, both Lissie and Tessa have learned more than they ever dreamed possible. They love Dr. Kim!

The events of these two consecutive Saturdays brought a great sense of completion to Joe and Lissie's education here at home. They began as a team and they've finished as a team. We thank God for the blessing that they've been to each other and for the blessing that they've been to the rest of us.

~Mr. and Mrs. Beaver

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MacSquash said...

Congratulations to both of you! It's a wonderful achievement to graduate from highschool! May the Lord continue to bless your education, as well as all the wonderful teachers you have had!