Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

While traveling this week, we visited the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens and had a magical--albeit hot--day amid the menagerie of wild beasts.

The zoo trip renewed our awe for God’s creativity in both flora and fauna. We not only enjoyed seeing the animals but also the variety of beautiful flowers that is the setting for the zoo’s exhibits.

For our family, travel is far more than a break from routine.

We have found family trips to be one of God’s tools for healing developmental delays in our former orphans.

As we have purposed to see new sights and explore new environments, we have watched a delight in learning blossom. Their curiosity has been kindled. Their intellects have been stimulated.

And what a grateful heart our six Russian adoptees have for the opportunity to travel! Despite the years that have passed since they were adopted, the six of them have retained their wonder at being able to do that which orphanage life would never have allowed. They express their gratitude over and over.

Almost nothing is sweeter to us as adoptive parents than the privilege of seeing the world through the eyes of children who had so few opportunities in their early lives. Their wonder makes our world new. Their joy is such an effective defense against growing jaded as we age that it’s one of our motivations for adopting yet again.

We thank God for the gift of travel.
~Mrs. Beaver


Ruthiey said...

I love it! Thank you for posting this, Mrs. Reynolds. I love to see everyone. ^_^

Nordstroms said...

Love the new family pic! Looks like a great time at the zoo. Your "small" car will start it's ride home tomorrow with a load full of Nordstroms. It's been good to us so far - I think it has the Reynolds' happiness bottled inside of it!
See you soon.