Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At Anna's

Mrs. Beaver:

We left Cincinnati this morning. Saying good-bye was hard, but we departed thankful to God for the opportunity to see our oldest daughter in her new home. We left thankful to the Lord that Anna is so happy with her new husband and so fulfilled in her new role.

On Monday night Anna fed our LARGE family dinner for the first time in her own home.

When Anna wasn't busy feeding us, she was taking photos of her visitors.
The camera was a wedding gift from Anna's birthfather.

Lissie was practicing her "auntie" skills on Aaron and Anna's puppy Mocha

Lissie wasn't Mocha's only fan

We all enjoyed our evening with the brand new Nix family

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Essie said...

I see someone I know on Anna's fridge... :D