Monday, May 30, 2011

The Finishing Touches

Mrs. Beaver:

Dearest Anna,

I've really missed you today. I've missed your smile. I've missed your laugh. I've missed just hanging out with you on a relaxed Sabbath afternoon.

You were a pleasure to parent. Now you bring me delight as a fun and funny friend who is caring, thoughtful and kind. I thank God every day that your birthmother gave you life. I thank God every day that your precious birthmother chose us to be your parents. I can't imagine what my life would have been like these past 20 years without you.

You are truly a gift, and I've really missed you today.



Anonymous said...

That last picture is gorgeous! Anna, I can't wait to meet you next week. :D

~Megan K :)

Jane said...

Caught up with the blog thanks for sharing.

Aaron and Anna said...

Dear Mumsie,

I miss you very very much too my dear wonderful mumsie and friend. I miss spending mother-daughter time with you. Living this far away from you is very difficult but I think about you very often.