Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It Must be a Sign...


I looked at the book sitting there on the table. My emotions were surging powerfully, so I knew something strange was going on. Of all the books my sister could have left out on the table, it happened to be this one, so it must be a sign that I was meant to read it. I prayed, “God, if you really want me to read this book, please let the author's first name be Kevin.” I opened my eyes, and wow, there on the cover: "Kevin"! After steadying myself, I still wasn’t quite sure, so I flipped open my Bible (which also happened to be lying on the table), and opened it at random to seek God’s will in the matter. I came upon this verse: “He read from it before the square which was in front of the Water Gate from early morning until midday…” (Nehemiah 8:3) I was so excited about this special guidance from the Lord that He wanted me to read the book on the table!

Just kidding.

Actually, when I had the inkling to read Kevin DeYoung’s book Just Do Something, I just picked it up and read it. I found it to be very convicting and helpful. DeYoung points out that the methods for finding God’s will, and even our collective understanding of what God’s will is, have begun to veer off course. He suggests that when Christians (like me!) worry about “finding God’s perfect plan” for their lives, they tend to struggle with making decisions and often end up doing nothing. DeYoung builds a Biblical case in his book for the idea that God is less concerned about what path we take in a nonethical decision such as choosing a career than He is about how we walk in that path. God does want us to seek wisdom, but this consists more in soaking up His ways from the Bible than expecting God to give us special revelation in a situation. DeYoung uses Scripture to demonstrate that God wants us to make a common-sense decision about a career, spouse, move, and other issues and then simply live according to His ways in that situation. He includes impressive descriptions of how his grandfathers did hard, big things for the glory of God because they went out and did something instead of seeking mystical direction from God.

Although I’d love to go on and on about this wonderful book, and I’d especially like to answer some of the questions I’ve sparked in your minds, I can’t. This is a blog post, not a doctoral dissertation. However, there is a way to solve your curiosity. And no, it isn’t to ask for a sign from Heaven.

Just do something.

Go buy the book and read it!


Ruthiey said...

great beginning, Joe! you made me laugh! that looks like a very good book.

MacMeister said...

Thanks for the book recommendation! I'm going to check that out. And you get extra points for a very creative beginning! :-)

Samuel said...

Funny, but very well said and eloquent post Joe. Thanks bro!

Scott said...
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Scott said...


This book was really helpful on a couple of levels. You very well pointed out both in your review. the first - it's not really walking by faith or believing when we refuse to do anything without a sign. That's not trust. The book was very good at exposing false ideas about discerning the will of God and the bondage accompanying. It was also excellent to encourage us as believers to walk by Faith. Truly trusting the providential hand of our mighty God to lead us sovereignly - so that we not in presumption but dependence enjoy living by Faith. My wife absolutely loved this book and I think she has purchased and given away a few copies. My two oldest daughters also were impacted by reading, JUST DO SOMETHING. I enjoy Kevin De Young's blog daily, also his book on the Emergent Church was fantastic. Thanks Joe.

On a pilgrim's progress said...

Thanks for this post Joe!
Yes, I do love this book!! It's one of my favorites!
Now I want to read it again, and I think I will!

Liz :)

Rog said...

Kevin DeYoung is an amazing man! I heard him speak about 2 months ago...he's a really neat guy. I shall have to look into getting his book... :)

Sophie said...

great post:) and it IS a good book!

S'mores said...

Awesome beginning Joe! I'm pretty sure that you've read that foreword one too many times... ;) Thanks for the laughs! Aside from the beginning, my favorite part was "I can’t. This is a blog post, not a doctoral dissertation." :D ROFL!

I'll second your recommendation, just do something! (Like go out and buy the book and READ it)