Monday, May 9, 2011

Enchanted Evening

Mrs. Beaver:

After dinner at Grandma and Aunt Jean's, we strolled to the small park that's about a block from their house, taking bats and balls along.

As we walked, Daria asked in her most eyelash-batting, endearing-yet-somehow-mildly-wheedling way if she could use the Nikon SLR that's normally reserved for parents' me use. As you might expect, we said, "Yes." Thus the photography credit for this post goes to Daria.

There was something for everyone on this outing.

Grandma and Lissie engaged in one of their long-time favorites--a walk with Sandy around the park.

Others tried out the sports equipment we'd brought along.

Even I gave batting a try...

...until I got distracted by the best-looking man on the field!

Tatiana was the evening's most expressive batter.

Cassandra found the family antics amusing.

Alexander was...well...Alexander

Cassandra found his park play even more amusing.

While baseball continued on the field, the two youngest explored the playground equipement.

All too soon, the sun began to sink and our enchanched even had to end.
We'd been blessed to expereince the kind of sweet fellowship that strengthens family ties.

A neighbor of Grandma and Aunt Jean's offered to take a group photo as we walked by her home. This group shot will be a perfect momento of our enchanted evening together--Thanks, Maggie!

Lord of Life, thank You for allowing us such joy and encouragement in our fellowship!
You are the giver of all good gifts!

We love, love, love you, Grandma and Aunt Jean!
Thanks for your always-amazing hospitality!


Rog said...

Love the pictures! :D

Jane said...

How much fun we have in such a short time. See you in July. Counting the days. Love Gma and AJ