Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Most Fun I've Ever Had at a Rest Stop

Mrs. Beaver:

I love taking photos.

I especially love taking photos of my children.

Today, I had the opportunity to take photos of my children playing with puppies--that's a photographer's dream. I thanked God over and over for the gift as I snapped a couple hundred pictures in about twenty minutes.

We stopped at a favorite rest area along I-76 on our way to Denver. There in the fenced area used to give traveling dogs the chance to exercise on their road trips were four Yellow Labs. Our kids spyed this unusual opportunity as we parked and bolted from the van.

By the time I got there, a canine-kid encounter had begun.

 This unexpected and unusual puppy break was a gift from the Lord...I certainly had the most fun I've ever had at a rest stop!


Natalie said...

Love it!

Spencer said...

Robbie! the rest of the pics are here :D B-)

awesome pics!!!! :)

Jamie and Marcos said...

I wish ours was smaller to cuddle up close! Moose is 45 pounds now! He would love to see all of you soon! God is so generous and kind!

Rog said...

HEY! They all ARE there, Spencer! (I counted)

Thanks for the pics! ;)