Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A River Gone Wide

Mrs. Beaver:

Gavin Point Dam near Yankton, South Dakota, where 1-1/2 times the water of Niagra Falls is being released
Yesterday I posted about the flooding of the Missouri River. Please take a look at the comment left there by my friend "Whitestone." She and her husband (both spiriutal giants from our church whom we love and admire!) live 45 minutes south of us. Until she responded to my post, I didn't know that their small town of Onawa is facing such peril.

All the way from north and west of Sioux City to Omaha (and probably beyond) flood waters are damaging homes and sinking livelihoods. Please pray for all those affected. God's Word says, "When one hurts, all hurt." (This is my paraphrase...can't find the verse at the moment.) May the God who is compassion give us compassion for those who suffer as the result of rivers gone wide and wild this year. Let us plead before His throne on their behalf!

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WhiteStone said...

Makes me flinch to have you call us "spiritual giants". I'd love to think I was such, but I daily recognize my lack...and am grateful for God's good grace that covers me always.