Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Love Weddings!

Mrs. Beaver:

Last weekend we were blessed to be able to attend the wedding of a young man named Jacob who we watched grow up in our church.

The outdoor setting was truly remarkable that evening. After high heat during the day, the temperature dropped and so did the humidity. What a gift from God for this sweet young couple!

For someone who enjoys photography, the evening was pure delight! The lighting was PERFECT. Much more importantly, Jacob's family and extended family are dear, dear, dear to us. I had so much fun taking pictures! I must have taken quite a few because by the end of the night Mr. Beaver was saying that others have their paparazzi but our family has its very own "mama-razzi." I just couldn't help myself that night--I felt so blessed bythe Lord to have the opportunity to take photos of a such a beautiful wedding involving so many people I love and respect.
We were greated by beautiful little girls as we arrived.

While we waited for the wedding to start, we enjoyed watching our friend, Layne, and his littlest.

The groom's first act was to escort his grandparents to their seats. Jacob's grandpa took him to school everyday when he was little and the daily journey included coffee and a doughnut. Needless to say, Jacob loves his coffee!

Love this exchange between the groom and his mom!

Our older girls grew up with Jacob's sister, one of the bridesmaids

Mr. Beaver, who enjoys wearing comfortable, casual clothes, thought the bridesmaids' shoes were a great choice

Just before the bride made her appearance, an adorable foursome came down the aisle.

As the two ring bearers passed by, I couldn't help thinking how they had been rescued from an orphanage four years ago.

The exchange of the vows

After the pastor gave the couple the Bible from which he'd preached as a gift, he pronounced them husband and wife.

What a happy groom!

"Dash" looked over at his parents watching for their approval as he made his way back down the aisle. Both boys did a flawless job.

Once the wedding party had departed, the groom's father and mother escorted her parents to the back. It was easy to see their love and respect for these venerable family leaders.

The bride and groom greeted each row and released them. We were towards the back so we had plenty of time for people watching--this included getting to witness the ring bearers seeking their mother's hugs now that their duties were finished.

Meanwhile the ring bearers' daddy was busy entertaining his niece. Adoption runs in this extended family in a most God-honoring way!

Joe held "Squish" while we waited and she found his five o'clock shadow fascinating.

Squish then moved back to her daddy's lap. The brother/sister interaction was enough to make me rejoice in God's gift of large families.

Then Squish made her way into her grandparents arms. All babies should be so blessed!

When the bride and groom greeted the row in front of us, they were so good with their young cousins. they'll make great parents some day!

Our friend Lindsey played the piano at Anna's wedding and again for this wedding. She does an amazing job of bringing a true sense of worship to a marriage ceremony--as it should be! She's also a kid magnet!

After the ceremony and before the reception, I snagged our friends Jeremy and his wife, Kim for a photo. Jeremy blesses our community by serving in Iowa's state House of Representatives. He's intelligent, articulate and deeply loves the Lord.

Layne was quite helpful as I tried to gather our kids for a photo.

We felt like a small family with Anna now married, Lissie visiting Anna to play in the wedding of Aaron's sister, and Jaynie Cassandra and Speedy on a missions trip.

Our friend Russ was filling friend Tanya in on the threat that the Missouri River flooding is to both the Nordstrom's home and the chemical plant where he is an engineer.

I know many of you have grown to care about the Nordstroms through their adoption blog. I'm certain they would be very grateful for your prayers! It was only two months ago that they brought home beautiful Meddie Grace from Ethiopia. The whole family is still adjusting--the flooding just adds incredible stress to an already challenging time.

One thing I love about our pastor and dear friend is that he's so good with kids! He shows a genuine interest in their lives...and he's got a great sense of humor.

When the wedding party arrived at the reception hall, I was fortunate to catch a few last outdoor photos just as the sun was setting.

Jacob fiddling with the new band on his finger. What a glorious promise the ring represents, which can only be truly upheld all the way to the heart with God's power and grace.

Congratulations Jacob and Becca! God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you for at least 60 years!

One last photo from the evening...four generations from this very special family sharing their love.


hennfamily said...

Mamarazzi you ROCK!! What a gift the Lord has given you to capture treasured moments. Thank you for taking such an interest and love in our family. We love you all!
Tanya for the Henn House

dcbell777 said...

This note is from Shelly...mother of the groom....heehee. Oh...these are precious!!! Thank you soooo much for posting them. I am very thankful that God has given you this gift AND a heart that causes you to love others around you BY SHARING this gift. Thank you for the honor of you both and your children (SOME of your children) being presence on our special day. It was wonderful having you. I am so humbled by those who came to share with us. With much love and thankfulness....Shelly

Mattea said...

These are amazing pics...Mamarazzi!! I love looking at each of your posts...and reading the updates and other things. Thanks so much for posting pictures all the time! I too LOVE (looove) looking at others pictures gives me more ideas on how to take them and stuff.
Love you!

PS kaylee's hair was sooooo curly/cute!

Kristi said...

I was not able to be at the wedding,so I really appreciate these pictures. Shelly ,my friend from junior high and beyond, told me about these. Thank you! blessings!

Kristi said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. Shelly,my friend from junior high and beyond, told me about these! Blessings!

Kristi said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of the wedding! My friend Shelly.from junior high and beyond,told me about these. I lived to far way to attend. My heart was broken, or sad. What a blessing!