Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Sweet Experience

Today we attended the grand opening of Wells Dairy's (Blue Bunny Ice Cream) new ice cream parlor. Situated a small Midwestern town that headquarters the company, the parlor boasts a large 2-story eating area, small gift shop, elegant architecture, and--you guessed it--ice cream! 

After picking Dad up from the airport (he had already been in Cincinnati for business, eaten lunch with Anna, and flown back, all by 2:00!), we found a place to park our 15-passenger van and walked the rest of the way to the parlor.

When a good-sized company is headquartered in a small town, it gains privileges such as a closing main street to accommodate crowds to Blue Bunny's new parlor.

Blue Bunny, in return, is loyal to the local community and conscientious about helping to keep the town in good condition. Instead of building a new facility on the outskirts of town or somewhere else entirely, they renovated an older building in the little downtown area (the date on the building is 1917).

Both inside and out, the building has an intentionally vintage, hometown feel that is refreshing and simple.

Ice Cream, anyone? 

The entrance to the ice cream parlor; the gift shop is to the left, the ice cream counter to the right.

Okay, I admit it--I couldn't resist adding a picture of this adorable apron.

Cassandra enjoying the view from the second story. I have a beautiful sister! 

And of course...

 We indulged in some Blue Bunny ice cream. 

With good reason, Oksana is a huge fan of her big brothers.  

Besides answering dozens of her questions a day, her brothers willingly include her in their sports, which our active little girl dearly loves.

And last but not least, a snapshot of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. Each and every day, my siblings and I are grateful for their love for us and for each other.



Essie said...

Sweet! :D
My local grocery store just started carrying a few Blue Bunny products, so my family got to try some for the first time Wednesday! :)
Glad you all had fun

MacMeister said...

Ditto Esther! SahWEET! :-D

That is a very nice-looking new ice cream parlor! The next time we're in town we'll have to go there :-)