Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creating a Photographic Record

Mrs. Beaver:

On of the aspects of adopting older children that causes me real pain as a mom is that, bless their hearts, the photographic record of their lives doesn't begin until they join our family. No newborn photos. No baby pictures. No photographs that record their antics in early childhood. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

This black hole in our adoptees' lives has been one of my motivations for taking so many pictures of our children. I can't make up for the loss before they joined our family, but I can make sure their lives are recorded on film (so to speak in this digital age) from the moment a judge delcares them to be ours.

Here is Tatiana on her 14th birthday:


Sunshine said...

What a beautiful young lady!!

Elizabeth said...

All of your children are gorgeous! It is so precious to see them grow each time you post!

Spencer said...

family pictures are SOOO good and importat :) Happy birthday Tatiana!!!!

Mattea said...

These are such beautiful pictures! And you're such a precious young lady, Tatiana!! I love you SOOO much! And it's SO exciting that you're 14 now!!!! :D