Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sisters...and Friends

Mrs. Beaver:

On our vacation in Minnesota, I spied Tatiana (13) and Daria (16) plopped on the ground chatting as teenage friends do. When they spotted me with the camera, they paused in their conversation to give me their best smiles.

This photo one of my all-time favorites from our family's first year together (our anniversary will be in late November). This photograph helps me to take stock of just how far the Lord has taken us in such a short time. A year ago, these girls hadn't even met one another. Now their bond is sweet and tight. While they have moments of annoyance, the overall tenor of their relationship is supportive. The natural barrier teenagers tend to have when introduced to a stranger has been torn down and replaced by trust and love. Our God is very, very big.

PS. I was an English major in college so I find myself amused at the connection in this photo between the "hardware" in my teens' mouths with all the "hardware" behind them. English majors are easily amused.

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MacMeister said...

It must be amazing to have a ringside seat and watch God build relationships and love between new siblings! He has been very good to your family, and has allowed you to be a blessing to many others, including me :-)

P.S. All of that hardware is looking good too!