Monday, October 24, 2011

We're Gonna Be Grandparents!

Many of you know this already, but our oldest daughter, Anna, and her husband, Aaron, are expecting their first baby. Their little one is due in June and the parents-to-be are ecstatic. This has been their dream since the day they married.

These first-time grandparents are also filled with joy! tell the truth, we vacillate between joy and jaw-dropping disbelief that such a wonderful blessing could be taking place in our lives. Wow! God is so good!

We would, of course, be grateful for your prayers for the safety of the baby. We would also love if you would join us in praying that he or she would become an ardant, passionate follower of Christ.

(The beautiful baby in the photo is the first child of friends from church. On Saturday, Lissie and I were privileged to take pictures of three-week-old Caleb. He is certainly fearfully and wonderfully made!)

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